Download E-books Die Yugas: Wie der Zyklus der Weltzeitalter das Menschheitsschicksal bestimmt - UT2: Nach den Lehren von Sri Yukteswar und Paramahansa Yogananda (German Edition) PDF

By Joseph Selbie, David Steinmetz

Die Lehre der Weltzeitalter mit goldenen, silbernen und ehernen Zeiten ist in vielen Kulturen zu Hause. Eine besonders detaillierte Beschreibung davon liefert der Hinduismus, wo die Weltzeitalter als Yugas bezeichnet werden. Basierend auf den Schriften der indischen Weisen Paramahansa Yogananda und Sri Yukteswar stellen die Autoren das Konzept dieser geistigen Entwicklungszyklen dar. Hierdurch eröffnet sich eine viel umfassendere Sicht auf die Einbettung des Menschen und der Erde in den Schöpfungskosmos. Die hoffnungsfrohe Botschaft dieses Buches: Wir nähern uns einem spirituellen Zeitalter, in dem sich das menschliche Potenzial in ungeahntem Maße entfalten wird.

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Download E-books Magickal Protection: Defend Against Curses, Gossip, Bullies, Thieves, Demonic Forces, Violence, Threats and Psychic Attack PDF

By Damon Brand

Having a run of undesirable good fortune or feeling cursed? Are you below assault from a bully, a harsh boss or a median partner?

Magickal Protection can defend you from every kind of psychic assault, psychological cruelty and actual violence. it's going to cease curses, psychic assault and take away all supernatural dangers.

You can defend yourself, your place, your funds, your paintings and your family, with a chain of straightforward rituals. when you are terrified of violence, theft, random injuries or own assaults, make your self secure with magick.

Whether you're facing a vicious relative, a sophisticated aggressor or a really malicious enemy, this magick can convey you actual safety.

Even if magick is new to you, every little thing you must comprehend is incorporated in those pages. Magickal Protection is ideal for newbies, whereas giving complex security to skilled occultists. This angelic magick is totally secure, doing damage to none, yet preserving you unfastened from danger.

Acclaimed writer Damon model works with the robust Gallery of Magick, revealing the main useful secrets and techniques of magick.

He says, 'There are millions of explanation why this e-book can be just right for you, conserving you secure from unusual psychic hazards, or fighting anything as traditional and lethal as a random street accident.'

You will observe how to:

Use the main robust banishing and security rituals.

Stop curses and undesirable luck.

Protect opposed to stalkers and abusers. 

Prevent hacking and id theft. 

Travel with entire magickal protection. 

Silence gossip and rumors. 

Safeguard your place and possessions. 

Stop humans from draining your energy. 

Damon says, 'You don't want wands, incense, gowns or candles. The magick during this booklet is easy to exploit and will make your lifestyles calmer and more secure. it is going to transparent away earlier difficulties and forestall you from being harm back. persist with the directions optimistically and you'll get the security you need.'

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Download E-books Ancient Egypt - Light Of The World, Volume 1 PDF

By Gerald Massey

Not anyone ever understood the mythology and formality of historical Egypt so good as Gerald Massey because the time of the traditional Philosophers of Egypt. This e-book is among the top whilst it comes all the way down to Egyptian mythology, occultism and interpretation. it is a usual paintings nobody desires to omit. this is often quantity one out of 2.

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Download E-books When Time Began: Book V of the Earth Chronicles (The Earth Chronicles) PDF

By Zecharia Sitchin

They got here to Earth hundreds of thousands of years in the past to herald mankind's first New Age of clinical progress and non secular enlightenment. lower than the tips of those historical viewers from the heavens, human civilisation flourished - as progressive advances in artwork, technological know-how and concept swept throughout the inhabited international. and so they left at the back of terrific monuments -- baffling monoliths and impressive, towering buildings that stand to at the present time as testaments to their greatness.

In this terribly documented, meticulously researched paintings, Zecharia Sitchin attracts striking correlations among the occasions that form our civilisation in millennia prior - pinpointing with extraordinary accuracy the tumultuous starting of time as we all know it . . . and revealing to us the undeniable signature of extraterrestrial god indelibly written in stone.

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Download E-books Glory of the Stars: A Study of the Zodiac PDF

The writer during this fascinating and knowledge crammed ebook makes the dramatic connection among the Zodiac and the Bible and in so doing unearths The Gospel of Jesus Christ within the stars. Psalm 19: 1-4: The Heavens claim the consideration of God and the firmament sheweth his handiwork. Day unto day uttereth speech and evening unto evening sheweth wisdom. Their line is long gone out via the entire earth and their phrases to the top of the realm. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun.
Having declared that the heavens display God's glory the Psalmist informs us that the heavens claim a message in a language that's understood via all peoples. those starry worlds as such do express forth His handiwork yet clarify little in regards to the glory of God. How then can the celebs be made to talk in a language everybody can understand?
The solution is sort of obtrusive. photos converse in all dialects. They communicate a common language to all peoples far and wide. someplace within the earliest a long time of human lifestyles the noticeable stars have been named. these names and groupings have been even as incorporated in yes figures traditional or imaginary yet intensely symbolic & major. at the present time we all know them as Constellations.
It is celebrated that the traditional races drew charts of those Zodiacal symptoms that historical astrology was once really the daddy of astronomy. Astronomers occasionally denounce the Zodiac as unnatural & complicated but they've got by no means been in a position to brush it apart or alternative whatever greater or less demanding as a substitute. The indicators of the Zodiac are part of the typical common language of astronomical science.
Were such outstanding creations of almighty strength and knowledge with out function or which means? was once there a few unique divine technological know-how hooked up with the celebrity designs. the aim of this examine is to offer the findings of previous eminent students including these of recent clinical investigators as a way to express the celebrities do display phrases written in heavens - phrases that claim the honor of God.

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Download E-books The 72 Sigils of Power: Magic, Insight, Wisdom and Change PDF

By Zanna Blaise

Should you examine those wonderful, mystical Sigils in a particular mind set, magic occurs. The magic occurs inside you and is mirrored on your international. This e-book includes kinds of magic. Contemplation Magic can provide you excellent perception and knowledge, and should assist you improve skills and create new facets of your character. effects Magic can be utilized to make adjustments on the earth round you. this is often the easiest kind of magic recognized, however it works. every one Sigil of energy comprises one of many seventy two Names of God. those are amazing three-letter phrases, written in Hebrew. those sacred names are a set off for actual magic. there's one small challenge – there’s plenty of incorrect information in the market by way of the seventy two Names. even supposing there are a few high-quality books, or even a number of worthy web content, there’s loads of poorly researched fabric that would lead you clear of the magic. frequently the names are incorrectly indexed, badly drawn or their secrets and techniques are hid. the following, the seventy two Names of God are provided as visible Sigils, entire with the key phrases of strength that turn on them. There are specified directions for engaged on internal switch and outer magic. greater than three hundred person powers are explored during this ebook. The Names are written as essentially and wonderfully as attainable, sure by means of a pretty good circle to augment your concentration. every one letter used to be hand made, in keeping with conventional innovations and the visible specifications of recent readers. The Names during this e-book are the main actual and obtainable that you should locate. you'll find the right way to: Use the names to entry angelic energy. paintings with Contemplation Magic to realize perception and knowledge. Use effects Magic to alter your self and your global. allure the issues, humans and occasions that would make you cheerful. Banish soreness, loneliness, disappointment and remorse. strengthen new personality features. become aware of your actual will and internal wishes. for those who paintings with those Sigils of energy you are going to achieve an improved connection to your self, and the higher you recognize your self the simpler it's for all of your wants to appear. that's the genuine energy of Divine Magic.

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Download E-books World Famous Unsolved Mysteries PDF

"Discover inexplicable incidents taking place not just within the skies and the cosmos, but in addition within the flora and fauna, and on the depths of human brain with assistance from hoaxes, applied sciences, mystery societies and miracles.

This ebook steals the express as like different secret books it simply does not assist you think events or invented characters but additionally enables you to revolve round actual happenings which notwithstanding are demanding to think as a result of their remarkable nature however the illustrations and proofs supplied within the booklet convinces the reader in their lifestyles and consequently retains him glued.

Though it's not a fiction, the incidences pointed out during this e-book are exceedingly and fully breathtaking which promise to make the reader increasingly more curious with each passing leaf..."

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Download E-books Natural Magic: Spells, Enchantments & Self-Development PDF

By Pamela Ball

Prior to there has been formal faith there has been magic, and to today there are those who purport to accomplish 'miracles' by way of magical powers derived from nature or the spirit realm. those powers are nonetheless in the market to be tapped into by way of us. All you wish is the information and information contained in traditional Magic.

The ebook reveals:

• the right way to develop into a traditional magician, utilizing wisdom accumulated over hundreds of thousands of years by means of magicians and mystic alike.

• recommendations applying vegetation, timber, crystals and incense besides meditation, ritual, chanting and dreams.

• The instruments to offer expression for your creativity and beliefs.

• a variety of ways to lead to confident alterations on your life.

Natural Magic will set you at the route to self discovery.

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Download E-books Dark Intrusions: An Investigation into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences PDF

By Louis Proud

Due to the fact that his overdue youth, Louis Proud has suffered from continual sleep paralysis and has passed through hundreds and hundreds of such episodes, a lot of them terrifying yet finally transformational and eye-opening. those stories, he believes, let entry to the "spirit realm" and will good carry the most important to a complete host of paranormal phenomena, together with poltergeist disturbances, out-of-body-experiences, mediumship, spirit ownership, and succubi and incubi encounters. Drawing at the paintings of Colin Wilson, Joe Fisher, Stan Gooch, Whitley Strieber, Robert Monroe, Dion Fortune, and several other paranormal specialists, Proud lucidly demonstrates that many sleep paralysis reviews contain actual touch and verbal exchange with incorporeal entities, a few of them parasitic and in all probability harmful. during this finished, open-minded exploration of the sleep paralysis phenomenon, packed with attention-grabbing descriptions of his personal reviews, in addition to these of others, no stone is left unturned as Proud makes an attempt to resolve the secret.

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