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By James MacKillop

Myths and Legends of the Celts is an interesting and wide-ranging advent to the mythology of the peoples who inhabited the northwestern fringes of Europe - from Britain and the Isle of guy to Gaul and Brittany.

Drawing on contemporary historic and archaeological study, in addition to literary and oral assets, the advisor appears on the gods and goddesses of Celtic fable; on the nature of Celtic faith, with its rituals of sunlight and moon worship; and on the druids who served society as judges, diviners and philosophers. It additionally examines the various Celtic deities who have been associated with animals and such average phenomena as rivers and caves, or who later turned linked to neighborhood Christian saints. And it explores intimately the wealthy number of Celtic myths: from early legends of King Arthur to the tales of the Welsh Mabinogi, and from stories of heroes together with CĂșchulainn, Fionn mac Cumhaill and the warrior queen Medb to stories of shadowy otherworlds - the houses of spirits and fairies.

What emerges is a superbly different and fertile culture of fable making that has captured the mind's eye of numerous generations, brought and defined right here with compelling insight.

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